Remove the discomfort and displeasure of sweaty balls, grab back your poise and move again with comfort and style.

nutdust wildling provides effortless relief in a bottle, removing friction between your legs, leaving you with a silky smooth feeling that lets you glide your way through the day.

nutdust wildling botanical extracts will purify the skin and help eliminate the unwanted bacteria, allowing you to live free, be happy and look after your boys

An ancient legend from the highlands of Scotland, nutdust wildling is made from only natural ingredients.

The mysterious white powder has been appearing mysteriously for centuries. Ancient Scots believed it was a gift sent by the gods to empower the loins of men.

It is believed nutdust wildling increases a mans sex appeal, swagger and strength to attract new partners and stand up for what is theirs.

So be it taking a walk down the road or going out on the town, entice, magnetise and increase your presence by trusting in the presence of nutdust

nutdust wildling gives you:

  • a unique, professional design of essential oils that allure with a manly fragrance 
  • a formulated combination of ingredients that provide antibacterial properties
  • a natural base powder that is free from talc and carcinogenic impacts
  •  a geniune alternative to creams to keep you dry with durable comfort
  • support you with comfort and quality in all that you do

Take the revolutionary leap in nutcare, look after your boys with nutdust wildling - essential grooming for men


Contains 20g