Gift Set


Gift Set


Surprise your man with the ultimate gift box.

nutdust gift boxes provide one bottle of each nutdust blend. Your man takes on many fronts, so why not treat him to a nutdust that can serve all occasions.

nutdust clansman is for the true can legend, supporting athletes and hardworkers alike.

nutdust wildling is for the man aboot toon, never afraid and on the go.

nutdust laddie is for the true romantic, attracting both men and women alike!

the nutdust legends have been a scottish favourite for long, but what you are guarenteed is that each nutdust provides

  • a unique; professional design of essential oils that allure with a manly fragrance
  • a formulated combination of ingredients that provide antibacterial properties
  • a natural base powder that is free from talc and carcinogenic impacts
  • a genuiune alternative to creams to keep you dry with durable comfort
  • support you with comfort and quality in all that you do 

so give the man in your life the most unique gift he has received, and turn him into a true nutduster.

nutdust giftbox - essential grooming for men


Contains 3 x 20g