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Five Reasons Why You Need nutdust During Exercise

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

If you take part in sport, go to the gym or just like working up a sweat, the chances are you’ve experienced discomfort at some point.

Whether it’s sweating profusely, chafing or realising that the strong body odour filling the room is coming from you - it’s happened to us all.

But that’s where nutdust comes in.

Our nutters have created three body powders – wildling, laddie and clansman - that have helped them through even the stickiest of situations.

So, here’s why you need to get nutdust

1. nutdust makes you feel amazing

The silky-smooth texture of our nutdust powders will keep your skin feeling fresh for hours even during the most intense exercise. It can be applied under the armpits, on the thighs, behind the knees, to the feet and of course, below your underwear. So, whether you’re wearing boxers, Y-fronts, lycra, or going commando, nutdust will keep you comfortable where it matters most.

2. nutdust wins the battle against chafing every time

Our nutters thought up nutdust while wearing their kilts. Yes, you guessed it, things got a bit scratchy for our ‘freeballing’ fellas. And that’s why nutdust is here today. No longer do you need to suffer thigh, crack or sack discomfort during your big sports event. You can experience the cool, refreshing feeling of nutdust instead. That sounds like victory to us!

3. nutdust keeps you dry by absorbing unwanted moisture

Let’s face it, it’s hard not to sweat when exercising. And worrying about a nasty jock-itch can become a real distraction when trying to beat your personal best or win the big match. Fortunately, all of our nutdust powders have sweat-absorbing superpowers which help keep every nook and cranny cool, calm and comfortable.

4. nutdust makes you smell magnificent

Nobody wants to smell bad. That’s why each nutdust is made with essential oils and scents to ensure you smell magnificent. Our energising laddie powder has a smooth, woody fragrance, ideal for the big event. clansman brings together a winning combination of antiseptic properties and fragrances, including frankincense and patchouli. Our wildling powder also includes antiseptic properties, and with an uplifting mix of fragrances, including lemongrass, it’s the ultimate blend for thrill-seekers and adventurous types.

5. nutdust fits in your pocket, kitbag or sporran

You can take it in your kitbag, tuck it inside your shorts or in your pocket, or if you’re taking part in a Highland Games event, stick it in your sporran. You could actually fit all three in there without any problem

Get yours here now!

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