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Huge Clamour For nutdust At The Scottish Trade Fair

Nutdust was once again the star-of-the-show at the Scottish Trade Fair last month.

Designed to prevent chafing and maintain freshness in kilt wearers and sportsmen, the popular male grooming powder was in high demand once more.

More than 1000 bottles were ordered by over 20 retailers from four different countries during the three-day event.

It follows on from the successful launch of the clansman, wildling and laddie ranges at the Autumn Fair in September.

New retailers on board

Co-owner Andy Clark, said: “We were delighted to be back at Scotland’s Trade Fair.

“Having successfully launched the business at the Autumn Fair, we were really eager to go back.

“Once again we were alongside a wide range of great products from around the country and we were able to impress a variety of new retailers.”

So, what is nutdust?

It is exactly what you think it is. ‘Dust’ for men’s nuts.

We’ve created a range of natural, cruelty-free powders designed specifically for men’s sensitive area. When applied, the clansman, wildling and laddie powders combat chafing, sweating and bad odours. Each product contains its own blend of powders and essential oils to help men feel and smell fresh in underwear, sports shorts, lycra, or when freeballing under a kilt.

But how do I use nutdust?

Simply sprinkle some nutdust on your hands, rub them together and apply to your nuts. For extra points, while applying we recommend checking for any strange lumps you may have down there.

Not only can you feel and smell great, you could be doing your health a big favour by using nutdust.

What are you waiting for?

Try clansman, wilding or laddie here.

And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @OfficialNutdust for all the latest offers and events.

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